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Diaspora organisations can be an important tool in development cooperation. This is why more and more EU governments are adopting measures to engage them. Agreement on their effectiveness, though, is lacking.

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Skills2Work is an EU-supported project focusing on labour market integration of recognized refugees in Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Employers play an essential role in the integration of refugees. The Skills2Work project explores the benefits and challenges of recognising migrants’ skills, knowledge and competencies; and subsequently recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.

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This weekend, the EU will celebrate its 60 years, in a moment of crisis. If it wants to survive, it should revive its vision and heal the division inside its society: it should become a community.

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Europe is a continent of deep historical differences, based on geography and religion. But what is on the way to destroy the European project is a new series of economy-based divides. The solution is more integration.

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