10 Benefits of using Social media for your company

If you are online, you are everywhere” states a well-known fact that informational technologies have transformed and reinvented the way of working for the majority of the organizations. One third of all the population worldwide has access to internet and the lion’s share of it is coming from developed countries. For millions of people, social networks became an essential component of their social life and of their businesses. This gives us the possibility to think about how social media contribute to the growth of successful companies:

  1. Promotion of your company at a global level in new ways
    Nowadays if you want to be known in China, Russia, USA or Europe, there are a lot more social networks available that will provide you with a large audience for your business, e.g. Facebook, VK, Weibo, Myspace, LinkedIn, Instagram. If you are interested in which social network are specific to a country in this world, read http://vincos.it/world-map-of-social-networks/
  1. Identification of the trends
    That can interest your targeted audience and especially help to more effectively select your target audiences.
  2. Creation of a loyal audience
    For your brand, by using your blog, social networks, contests for helping the acceptance and recognition of your brand. Social media is an easy way to learn about your audience.
  3. More efficient and faster communication
    With your clients, as well the opportunity to reach more potential contacts than you would be able to reach yourself in person.
  4. Conducting market research
    Social media offers you the possibility to know your audience easier than ever. With tools like Facebook, Insights, Twitter analytics you can learn the dominant languages spoken among your social media audience, the devices they are using, the countries they are from, as well as their age and gender.  
  5. Higher Brand Authority
    When people want to compliment or complain about a product or service, they do it on social media. Respectively if your brand gets good updates from your audience, new people will want to know about you more. The more people that are talking about you on social media, the more appreciated and respected your brand will seem to new users.  
  6. Getting information about your competitors
    By monitoring social media you can gain key information about your competitors and improve your strategies. This will help you to take better decisions and to stay ahead of your competition.
  7. Increasing website traffic and search ranking
    One of the best benefits of social media is helping you in directing people to your website. As well when more people share your posts, it’s more likely that you will attain a higher rank in Google’s search engine results. The more you update your content on all the social networks, the faster you increase the traffic on your websites.
  8.  Flexibility
    Using the social media means becoming more flexible. The published content is easier to adapt to the requirements of your audience, you can update, modify, extend and discuss in seconds your content and maintain an up to date informational summary about your services.
  9.   Low costs of using social networks: compared to traditional media that can be extremely expensive, especially for small businesses, social media platforms are completely free to use. Investing in a small budget for social mediamakes it possible to obtain the same results as using the traditional media.



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