The European Agenda for Inclusive Entrepreneurship is a framework aimed at fostering diverse and inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystems across Europe.





Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Create an Inclusive Environment

Empower Entrepreneurs

Connect Across Diversity

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European Agenda for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

By adopting the European Agenda for Inclusive Entrepreneurship, we aim to ensure that everyone is included in entrepreneurship, tapping into unique skills and experiences to bridge cultures, spark new ideas, and sustainably grow our economies.

Create an Inclusive Environment
We call for a supportive and open environment for cross-cultural entrepreneurs, removing barriers to their inclusion and participation in Europe. We can unlock their creative and innovative potential by providing them with tools and support specifically adapted to their needs.

Empower Entrepreneurs
We call for an intersectional approach that ensures every entrepreneur is included. We need inclusivity across all backgrounds, with strategies to uplift all entrepreneurs, ensuring they have the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.

Connect Across Diversity
We call for an economically strong, sustainable and fair Europe that draws its strength from the diversity of its citizens. By fostering deeper economic relationships with countries of origin and promoting diversity and sustainability in business, we boost innovation and economic development. 

Evidence-based Policy

Develop a Europe-wide policy on inclusive entrepreneurship with a clear vision for achieving inclusive and sustainable growth along with enhanced social rights, by gathering better data on entrepreneurial diversity and needs to advance evidence-based policymaking

Dedicated European Commission Portfolio

Appoint a European Commissioner with a dedicated portfolio on prioritising inclusive entrepreneurship in the Commission’s policy agenda, enhancing policies strengthening diversity, facilitating coordination between policy areas, and allocating resources accordingly and more effectively.

European Inclusive SME Bank

Establish a European Inclusive SME Bank dedicated to supporting and financing SMEs with inclusive and equitable funding to create a supportive and inclusive environment for entrepreneurs in Europe. This will promote economic development, reduce financial disparities, provide tailored support, and foster entrepreneurship across diverse communities.

Inclusive Support
Enhance social safety and business development support for entrepreneurs. Boost education and outreach programmes such as Erasmus for Entrepreneurs as well as programmes promoting digital and green skills.

Accessible Administration  

Simplify administrative procedures by reducing regulations and reporting requirements for all entrepreneurs through digital solutions and specialised fast-track procedures. Offer special status with tax exemptions and reduced social contributions to incentivise entrepreneurship.

Education and Mentorship  

Embed entrepreneurship education at all levels of education, highlighting the transferable skills of entrepreneurial mindsets. Fund diverse mentorship programmes to increase the visibility of diverse entrepreneurial role models.

Entrepreneurship For All

The European Agenda for Inclusive Entrepreneurship offers a solution to our collective challenges. By incorporating inclusion, diversity, and equity within the entrepreneurial landscape we acknowledge and integrate diverse contributions to our society and economy.

By dismantling barriers and fostering new economic relationships, the European Agenda for Inclusive Entrepreneurship envisions a resilient and innovative Europe that draws strength from the richness of its citizens. Embracing this agenda is not only a response to current challenges but a strategic move towards a more inclusive and prosperous future.