Innovation and Diversity

Think outside the box: education, the Finnish way

Mervi Jansson, Finnish expert in education and CEO of OMNIA Education Partnerships, discussed with The New European the major trends in Finnish education and the need to think outside the box. The technological future that awaits for us is already here and a new set of skills will be needed.

Migrant Entrepreneurship
Social Innovation

Harnessing the skills of migrant workers in Sweden: the case of Entry Hub and Randstad

One of the most recent initiatives sponsored by Randstad in the field of sustainability and integration is Entry Hub, a Swedish project that aims at creating physical spaces where refugees and immigrants can exchange knowledge and build new skills, while being in contact with potential employers. Read our interview to know more about the project.


Fromskills2Work: good practices in labour market integration

Skills2Work is an EU-supported project focusing on labour market integration of recognized refugees in Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Employers play an essential role in the integration of refugees. The Skills2Work project explores the benefits and challenges of recognising migrants’ skills, knowledge and competencies; and subsequently recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.