We’re gathering support to form a European Parliament Intergroup on Inclusive Entrepreneurship. Our mission: to ensure that entrepreneurship is a path open to all, regardless of gender, age, cultural background, or life experience.

The upcoming European elections create a chance for allies across Europe to collaborate and advocate for the prioritisation of inclusive entrepreneurship on the EU’s agenda. Whether you are a researcher, entrepreneur, NGO, business organisation or concerned citizen, everyone is invited to join our alliance for inclusive entrepreneurship and support our call for an intergroup.

According to the OECD, over 7.5 million entrepreneurs are missing from Europe.

We need to make entrepreneurship more inclusive.

It’s time to prioritise inclusive entrepreneurship.

This is our opportunity to support inclusive entrepreneurship and amplify the voices of entrepreneurs from marginalised backgrounds within the EU’s policy-making framework.

Together, we can craft inclusive entrepreneurship policies that pave the way for equal opportunities and collaboration across party lines, sectors, civil society groups, and policy domains. MEPs’ endorsement and backing are crucial to form this intergroup in the next legislative period.

With the support of MEPs from across the political spectrum, we can establish a powerful platform within the European Parliament dedicated to advancing inclusive entrepreneurship policies and fostering unity among different groups. Join the movement dedicated to building a more inclusive and equitable entrepreneurial landscape in Europe.

Why an intergroup?