Welcome to The New European, the online magazine of UNITEE, the New European Business Confederation, dedicated to highlighting the great contributions New Europeans bring to our societies.

“New Europeans are people who live and work in a European country but have ties that go beyond their current country of residence, thus possessing a dual  or plural cultural and linguistic background.”

European Commission

In Meet the New Europeans, we will bring interesting portraits of “New Europeans” who have taken advantage of their multiple cultural and linguistic backgrounds in their professional or social development.

In DIVERBusiness, you will discover that New European entrepreneurs and business professionals have a lot to offer. Not only are they job creators but, thanks to their dual cultural background and their entrepreneurial spirit, they are also key players in the development of innovative products and services and in the internationalisation of European SMEs.

Finally, DIVERSocieties will depict New Europeans’ traditions and ways of life, and highlight the many positive cultural influences they bring to our societies.

As you read along, we wish you a pleasant journey…

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Giovanni Collot, UNITEE Head of Communications and Editor of The New European

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